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Fall Path by KBL3S

This photograph exhibits a paved road surrounded by tall grass, bushes and trees. In the distance there is a forest and some buildings. Off to the far right side there is a body of water. There is also a person walking along the edge of the water in the center of the photograph.

The first thing I see is the red tree in the upper right of the photograph because of the color and brightness. It is also placed well in the frame (according to the rule of thirds). The second thing I see is the road, it is also placed well in the frame, and leads the eye off into the distance and back to the forest in the background.

I enjoy the color in this piece, the trees stand out, the bushes are multicolored, both green, yellow, brown and red which makes for a very interesting composition. The tall grass on the left side also has an interesting color, leading to more diversity in the piece.

The road is a very nice focus of this piece, leading the eye and helping move the focus from one place to the next.

I enjoy the person, so hidden, yet another great addition to the photograph.

I feel like the road could be better lit, I like the shadows, but the color almost feels dead to the rest of the composition. Even the background has a dull green/brown to it. I also feel like the water is strange in this piece, as the other focuses are the colors of the trees and bushes.

Overall this photograph exhibits good composition, and technique. I feel like it is somewhat a cliche photograph because roads off into the distance are amany in photography, but I enjoy it nonetheless. I feel like it has a vision, and I feel the landscape when I look at it, giving it a large Impact. I also feel like the title fits well, but could have been named something more original.

Overall: well put together piece, good Impact, and Vision, and I enjoy it much. Good Job!
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KBL3S Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2012
Thank you for the critique. I am glad you were drawn immediately to the big red tree and that your eyes followed the roads leading lines. I also am glad you pointed out the grass on the left, I have been trying to incorporate some sort of foreground element to my pictures and actually moved from my original position to get that grass in the shot. I see what you mean about the road, water, and background hills....I will see what some processing variations look like.
sageinventor Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I cant decide if the road would look better lighter or darker... Not for me to decide though... Have fun processing!
sageinventor Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Of course. But really: Great work.
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